From the roots of Haryana, this traditional and unique technique is used to make carpets. In this method, a claw-like device is used to weave threads. This device’s handle is made from wood and the claws are made from metal. Now designers have evolved this technique to make decorative dresses. With this technique, people crave amazing artworks like animal sculptures or any design you like.


Bandhani is popular in Rajasthan, it is also known as tie and dye technique. This is an artwork that has been around for a very long time. In this work people tie the fabric in a specific manner and then dip that cloth in the dye which makes amazing designs. With this technique, the colour spreads accordingly and make amazing looking designs on the fabric. Circular and striped shaped designs are the most popular ones in this technique.



Phulkari is popularly made in Punjab and has been there for quite a long time. Phulkari means floral work, but in a premium phulkari, there are more than just flowers. Most of the time, people wear phulkari with Patiala suits. Nowadays, different shapes and artworks are used to make phulkari even more beautiful, bright-coloured threads and mirror work is one of its parts.



We all used to play with puppets as a child. That traditional look and bright colours make these puppets more attractive. Nowadays, people craft those puppets in clothes as a design. These crafts look very much similar to a painting which makes these things more realistic and attractive where every single thread is placed with hands. Not just puppets but sculptures of animals and household things are also made in this artwork.


This fascinating artwork has always been a lovable design. This exotic work is designed by Rajasthani Banjaras. In this artwork, they tend to use bright coloured threads with mirrors to design. Now after such a long time, people still love this work because of its eye-catching power. In this work, people primarily use bright colours like – green, red, yellow, blue etc. Along with these colours, a special touch of mirror work put stars in the artwork.



From generations, citizens of Kolkata and West Bengal are working in the field of hand embroidery. This talent is being passed from generation to generation and is popular all around the world. Things like moti, zari, kat-dana, threads, Patel, and tassels make this work more luxurious. Before starting the work, a pattern is being made and printed on the cloth, after that the whole process of making the artwork begins. Every single element of this work should be perfectly placed and well sewed.



These pieces of jewellery are made up by using stainless steel, thread, feathers, moti, and with fabric. To make this jewellery people bend and redesign the structure of stainless steel and add other materials to make it more attractive. The real reason behind making such jewellery is that they are easy to match with your dress and also your dress look more attractive. People also love this work because they can ask for their own designs to make and also can choose from an unlimited range of jerellery.

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